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The B.E.S.T Philosophy

Only investments that meet our strict criteria will be put forward to our investors.

B…..Bank beating returns; Our investments will offer superior returns

E….Exit ; Investments are not about putting your money in but also about getting your money out in a timely and efficient way.

S….. Security; when investing your money has to be secure by way of a legal charge or other such registered security to protect your financial right.

T…Transparency/ Track record; is key as before an investor decides to invest all the facts and figures should be available to allow the investor to make an informed decision.


Specialist Residential Care Community

BPIhave an incredibly exciting opportunity today with a unique chance to invest from just £10,000 in a specialist health development. This 6 acre site in South Hartlepool will provide a Day Care Centre and 67 high quality homes for residents with learning difficulties, complex needs and mental health issues.

This is a sector which has a great shortage of purpose-built and suitable accommodation and, thus, is a prime investment prospect, with fixed returns of 18% within 18 months.

The build is scheduled to be phased on a ‘site by site’ basis over a 12-18-month period, and has a cost of circa £12m including contingency and fees. The first site is forecast to be built and operational within 44 weeks of commencement, with subsequent site sequenced to be complete and operational at 3 – 6 month intervals to suit demand and funding. Land valuation with full planning permission is £3m (for all three sites), with the fully completed and
operational development having a market value of £33m (source: Collier Healthcare International, April 2015).

The initial raise will be limited to £7.4m. The project promoter has just completed a similar facility in Hartlepool which received significant praise in the local, national and specialist health press for being a “world class facility” in this particular area of healthcare. This reputation has resulted in further demand in the area for similar facilities, and has reinforced relationships with the Local Health and Care Authorities in relation to the use of the proposed new development of 67 specialist residential and independent supported living units.

The Loan Note offering is only available to individuals that qualify as Professional, High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.


Bank Beating Returns Minimum fixed return 18% IN 18 Months
Exit After term investors can withdraw funds and interest
Security           Investment secured with FIRST Legal Charge on the land and development
Track Record  Proven track record and full audit trail available

Investment Highlights:

  • Fixed Rate of 18% Return Over 18 Months;
  • Asset Backed, 1st Charge Secured & Debenture
  • A Clear Defined Exit Strategy
  • Security granted in favour of a FCA regulated entity who will act as trustees for and on behalf of the Noteholders
  • Experienced Team with Proven Track Record Of Project Delivery
  • A Controlled and Mitigated Risk Opportunity
  • Ethical Investment
  • Loan notes issued in multiples of £10k

Security is provided by a fixed and floating charge over all the assets of the Issuer, and the Project SPV which includes the development sites and the completed and operational accommodation.

An FCA regulated entity will act as security trustee for and on behalf of the Noteholders, in accordance with the terms of the Charge and a Security Trust Deed and will take control of the Issuer’s bank account if there is any default.

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